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Free Download - The Kent Whitaker Pabst Blue Ribbon cookbooklet
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with one of my favorite brewers. Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Ice Cold PBR & Barbecue! Ya Can't go wrong!

I've enjoyed PBR since I was seventeen... um, eighteen. Remember, the drinking age when I was growing up was eighteen.

Pabst has a wonderful heritage in the United States as not only a classic ale that is seeing a resurgence, but also as a proud backer of American service men and women. During World War Two Pabst Blue Ribbon was one of the brews sent across the globe to thirsty Allied Troops.

The Kent Whitaker Pabst Blue Ribbon cookbooklet contains some of my favorite recipes using PBR as one of the ingredients.

Click and down load the PDF Verison of the book here.

And - Check out the video!