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Off Limit Menu until Our Number Came Up!
Kent - I happened to be in the Pacific on my second tour of duty after African campaign and was stationed on Oahu training for the Iwo Invasion. We were an Air Corps outfit, with a C-47 assigned to us for general duties. We decided to eat better, so we contributed, according to rank, money to go to Hilo, on the big Island, and buy good cuts of meat for our chow hall. Somehow or another the word got around the Island, and we finally had to put our mess hall 'OFF Limits".

Then our number came up and we went to Iwo where we ere very limited on our menu. When we finally got a kitchen stated, we ate a lot of Spam, but I still enjoy Spam, and I am not a PR for them. We also, not verified, were led to believe that our meat was horse meat from Australia. I can assure you that none of us gained any weight.

World War Two memory shared by - Jack Ragan