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World War Two Burgers

Hamburgers, World War Two and Richard Nixon all come together in the sauce covered time line of WWII.

I loved working on my new book Bullets and Bread - Feeding the Greats to the Grunts in World War Two. Hamburgers have been around for years. Let's just say that burgers are pretty dang popular today… and they were during WWII. This is one of those neat stories that filtered  to me when I started asking questions about WWII Chow. As for Richard Nixon, well - he was the President of the United States. Forget everything you know about the former President. Forget the movies, the books, the crazy impressions of him on Saturday Night Live. Not the new SNL, but the old school version. You know, Wild and Crazy Guys, Cone Heads... That SNL.

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Piggley Wiggly Helps Win World War Two - Sort of

I learned an amazing amount of cool military culinary things while working on my new book - The Meals of War - Feeding the Great to the Grunts in World War Two.

Piggly Wriggly cooking demo in North Carolina. Photo via http://docsouth.unc.edu

An amazing thing about the United States during World War Two is that some pretty common everyday things helped play a role in the Allied Victory. We've all heard about the conversion of plants making everything, from car to toasters and more, into facilities pushing thousands of tanks and planes off the production line.

The same is true for bullets, bombs, tents, pants, boots, boats, ships, aircraft carriers and candy.

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