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Grill Charms

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Grill Charms - Make for Great Grilling!

grillcharmcloseuplowNeed to keep the spicy chicken away from the BBQ chicken, what about the medium well seperated from the well done steak? Grill Charms offer users a great way to keep track of items on the grill or in the kitchen. Grill charms were invented by Leslie Haywood of Charleston, South Carolina who came up with the idea after a grilling session that involved keeping the spiced up fare separated from the milder cuts.

grillcharmchickenlowYou can separate meat by doneness, amount of added spice or even by allergy concerns.Grill Charms are dime sized, stainless steel medallions with a serrated edge extension. There are different charms to choose from. A set with letters for doneness - M stands for medium, R for rare etc. The Spicy set has hot peppers showing different levels of heat. The Charmed Life set offers fun designs such as a sailboat so people can pick by their interests. Some of the proceeds from the "Pink Set" go towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

charmslowInsert the Grill Charms into the meat or food before you cook it. You can use them on the grill, oven etc. The serrated edge did a great job keeping the charm in place even when I turned items and moved things around. We only had one grill charm come out and that was due to the burger breaking. They never moved in the chicken or steak while grilling. They were easy to use, and clean by hand with hot water and dish soap. A great idea!

Info: Grill Charms. Phone 843-437-7079 www.grillcharms.com

Photos and story by Kent & Ally Whitaker
(Note: Articles originally appeared in the December, 2011 Issue of the National Barbecue News.)

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