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Organic Cotton Aprons - A Greener Kitchen

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Organic Cotton Aprons.

Time to go green at the grill or in the kitchen! Check out Organic Cotton Aprons from A Greener Kitchen Company. Grillers are often given aprons with goofy logos or sayings printed on the front. I've found many of these gift aprons to be stiff, made of some weird material, flimsy and only good for a few times.

It was a pleasure to test the aprons sent in by Lacey M. Lybecker who is the  owner of A Greener Kitchen. Lacey's company offers items that are all geared towards being more eco aware while using eco-friendly materials. Lacey said it best, "You can still be green while grilling up a steak or helping your honey in the kitchen."

The aprons we tested were the organic cotton twill unisex apron which comes in Moonless Night Black, Chocolate Brown and Natural. The second was the Ladies Black and White half apron. Both had easy to use straps, pockets that were deep enough to hold things and both were well made. The aprons are cut and sewn in the USA by a family-owned company using certified organic cotton from one of the USA's few eco-friendly textile artisans.

Pictures: Kent cooking during product testing with his new favorite apron. Also shown is the Ladies BW-Whispering-Grass half apron with deep pockets.

Cleaning is simple by hand wash or washed in cold water. Lacey suggests using an eco-friendly detergent and then hang to dry.

The best thing, I didn't feel like I was wearing a stiff synthetic tarp.  I ended up wearing it almost daily while testing items for this article.

Info: A Greener Kitchen 206-947-1294  www.agreenerkitchen.com

Photos and story by Kent & Ally Whitaker
(Note: Articles originally appeared in the December, 2011 Issue of the National Barbecue News.)

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