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"Goode" Day for a Pecan Pie

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goodepieToday is a "Goode" day for foodies around the country!

Ok, I know I spelled Good as "Goode" but I had a reason. What better way to get a plug in for my friends at Goode Company Restaurants and their FAMOUS Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie! It's National Pecan Pie Day and homes across the nation will be filled with the mouthwatering savors of delicious pecan pies, both homemade and store-bought.

What's the perfect way to celebrate this holiday?  Order a famous Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie from Goode Company Restaurants.

Once named one of Oprah's "Favorite Things," the Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie is a Goode Company staple.

Every pie is homemade and slow-cooked to perfection to ensure that it is even better than what Mom used to make! Goode Company makes sure that each pie is sent fresh, never frozen, and comes packaged in a commemorative gift box reminding you to "thank your lucky stars you're in Texas." And if your not in Texas, don't worry the pie taste great no matter where you munch on a slice!

Here's how you can order your Brazos Bottom Pie I'M CRAVING A BRAZOS PIE!!

recipe imageAnd you can always try your hand at the tasty treat below from the Deck Chef Recipe Section!


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