MTSU vs Wrecks Tech Dogs!

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Are your ready for some Wrecked Tech Tailgate Dogs? Hey Blue Raiders WHAT A GAME against Georgia Tech. Talk about a BIG win. Here's the audio from the pre-game tailgate tip!

Here's the full recipe for your "WRECKED" Tailgate Dogs!!

Ramblin Wreck Tailgate Dogs!

Gather several tips of links on the grill, you can use hot dogs, smoked sausage, brawts and all of the above. Get some Texas Toast, some butter, shredded cheese and onion and pepper slices.

Grill and break up the brawts, sausages and dogs. You want small bits and chunks. Kind of like big pieces of meat on a pizza!

Grill up some onions and peppers.

Brown some lightly butter Texas Toast on the grill, top it with the grilled WRECKED dogs and such, top with your grilled onions and peppers and cheese.

Let the cheese melt and enjoy with some heart burn meds!!

Additional Tips
You can add your favorite sauces, spreads, toppings and more to make this your own tailgate specialty.

Listen for me on the next Blue Raider Raider Football Broadcast!

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