The 'Big One' at Talladega is now a Monster Sized Meat Ball... Heck Yea!

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It's The "BIG ONE" at Talladega! Ok, I admit that I'm a sucker for just about anything related to 'Dega. Heck, that's why I wrote the book Talladega Superspeedway! It's a track from my childhood, one I've visited several times, and is a stones throw away from my uncles place where we spent many summers in search of catfish. The track is known for its extraordinary one-of-a-kind racing, but now it may be known for something else... "The Big One!"

Sure, the term "The Big One" is in refernce to wrecks at Talladega that collect a whole bunch of cars at one time. But now the phrase has a foodie meaning. Talladega rolled out a new menu item that is named “The Big One” and its a GIGANTIC Meatball the size of a softball. Fans visitingthe track for the ARCA and NASCAR weekend could grab one of the massive meat balls for only $12 at concession stands in the Gadsden and O.V. Hill South Grandstands along the fronstretch.

“’The Big One’ Meatball is a unique item to Talladega,” said Talladega Superspeedway Chairman Grant Lynch. “There is nothing else in the world quite like Talladega’s colossal 2.66-mile venue and the same goes for this new menu item. Fans that come to Talladega have an appetite for the greatest racing in the world. I know they will have an appetite for this huge, one-of-a-kind meatball, too!”

So what's so special about a huge meatball?
“The Big One” Meatball has a center of blended Mozzarella and Pepper Jack Cheeses mixed with smoked BBQ Pulled Pork and a little house BBQ sauce for an extra kick. It is then covered by a layer of Ground Beef, rolled in a panko bread crumb and parmesan mix before being deep fried to a golden brown. It’s topped off with a dollop of BBQ sauce and a spaghetti garnish. This mammoth meatball, like Talladega Superspeedway, is the biggest of its kind and weighs in at over 1 pound."

According to the speedway "The Big One” Meatball is the creation of Americrown, the leader in motorsports catering and concessions. The company’s Executive Chef at Talladega -Leilani Contemprato - and the Corporate Executive Chef from Daytona - Michael Pappas - were looking for something that caught the feel of Talladega. Being that Talladega Superspeedway is the biggest and baddest track on the circuit, they came up with monstrous “The Big One” Meatball.

Of course when you go to Talladega you're sure to find plenty of barbecue and some of the best fried catfish in the country! Now you can add the "BIG ONE!"

Meatball Photo: Talladega Superspeedway


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