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Yes! You Can Make Awesome Homemade Mustard!

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Yes! You Can Make Awesome Homemade Mustard! Susy Morris/Flickr

Yes! You can make mustard at home! How freaking awesome is that?

Think about it! Your buddy asks for some mustard and instead of the wimpy, but still flavorful, store brand you hand over a small canning jar packed with your homemade mustard creation! Now that's some serious recipe hacking! And, it's actually pretty simple.

The Basic Idea!

SEEDS and VINIGER: All you really need to do is get a bunch of mustard seeds and soak them for about 24 hours. So, what's the secret? It's what you soak the seeds in! One of the most common liquids is vinegar. You can choose white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or a specialty vinegar of your choice! Soak for 24 hours, drain a bit, and puree.

POWDERED MUSTARD and LIQUID: The great thing about using a powdered mustard is that you can skip the whole 24 hour soak. But, keep in mind that there will be a difference between the two. A homemade mustard made from powdered mustard seeds will make a smoother finished product. A mustard made from soaked seeds will produce a thicker mustard with a much better texture.

How To Make Mustard from Seeds!

Start with a cup of mustard seeds. Place them in a bowl and pour in your liquid. This is where it gets fun! You should have some vinegar but you can also use beer, whiskey, fruit juice, and more. The skies the limit. Use enough liquid to cover and soak.

Now all you have to do is mix everything up in a blender and you're done! But where is the fun in that? 

After the soak, and the blend, you can now start playing around with additional ingredients. How about Tennessee Whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, hot sauce, and more. Simply add some desired ingredients, stir, cover, and chill before serving.
Photo: Tom Ipri/Flickr

How to Make Mustard from Powdered Mustard!

It's really the same process minus the soaking for 24 hours. Add you chosen liquid in a couple of spoonfuls at a time and mix until you have something close to your desired consistency. Then, start adding in your extra ingredients and flavor boosters if desired. If not, then just add the liquid until you get the mustard of your dreams.


I'll be honest with you - that first taste of homemade mustard might bring tears to your eyes! Allow the mustard to chill for a while and mellow a bit! The flavor might be a bit overwhelming to begin with so keep that in mind... unless you go CREAMY! Yep, I've added a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream to a potent mustard in order to make one hell of a dipping sauce!

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