Ready for Perfect Potatoes? Here's a Great Amazon Foodie Deal!

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Time for perfect potatoes! Time for perfect potatoes!

Perfect mashed potatoes rarely come from a box! What you need for perfect mashed potatoes are some good old fashioned potato prep tools at a fantastic price - courtesy of one of my favorite Amazon sellers

When it comes to peeling potatoes, making mashed potatoes, or just prepping potatoes for a recipe you may have to rely on some classically designed foodie tools! That's something I love! Never consider classic as "out dated." I was lucky enough to meet a great seller on Amazon that knew exactly what I was looking for!

Instant is not always Better!

Forget that box of instant potatoes! I have to admit that I love quick and easy recipes. But I also love fantatsic kitchen tools that work! All of my readers, and cookbook and radio show fans, know that I love kitchen and foodie kitchen tools. At the same time - I love classic cooking as well as the tools that help you recreate the family heirloom dishes.

I'm talking about the dishes your parents and grandparents used to serve up for incredible family meals. .ur grand parents used!

Here's an instance where you just have to go with quick and easy as well as traditional high-quality kitchen tools that produce amazing results... courtesy of Amazon seller Vepremium

A Great Seller and Products!

I was fortunate enough to meet up with an online contact, Vepremium, when in search of some kitchen tools for our personal kitchen. We also needed items for the Chef/Book demo travel kitchen, and the backyard grilling deck. My Amazon seller friends at Vepremium pointed towards some of the tools they carried that I needed for making perfect heirloom potato dishes! Here's a LINK for you to review.

It was a great contact! I was able to find the exact tools I was looking for to replace the heirloom items that I wanted to retire. After all, the tools I was using had some age on them as they belonged to my parents and grandparents. I'm happy to say that these tools were not only efficient and well worth adding to my collection, but they also performed as well as my classic kitchen tools if not better.

Well built and Ready to Go!

The complete offering from Vepremium for their potato set included items that were well built and easy to use. The designs were classic and performed perfectly. The set included both a Stainless Steel Potato Masher as well as a Potato Peeler. The tools made working with potatoes, and other veggies, a snap! For more information please check out Vepremium and their wonderful collection of foodie cooking items.

Potato peeler: The potato peeler from Vepremium is a multi-functional kitchen tool with ultra sharp blades! This potato peeler makes the hard work easy as it reduces several minutes of peeling into a quick job that takes a matter of seconds. The blades are designed to work perfectly with both fruits and vegetables. In addition to being a great tool for prepping potatoes, it is also a great kitchen item for preparing carrots, mangoes, avocados, cucumbers and basically any fruit or vegetable that needs to be peeled!


I have to admit that the Potato Masher from Vepremium is basically just a potato masher. But, it's not a cheap potato masher. It's along the same caliber of kitchen tool that I just retired from my grandmothers's 1930's kitchen. That means years and years of service! It's made from 100% stainless steel, is built strong, has a comfortable polypropylene handle, and is designed with a wide mashing plate. It's strong, durable, and built to last!

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