Pocono Raceway Equals Awesome Traditional Eats!

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Pocono Raceway Equals Awesome Traditional Eats! Pocono Raceway

Heading to Pocono Raceway? - Get Ready for Vintage Style, Old School, Traditional Lip Smacking Eats! The track offers foodies a bite from the classics while tailgaters take things to a VIP level!

Pocono Raceway is located in Long Pond Pennsylvania and the facility has become one of the hottest tickets in NASCAR, ARCA, and IndyCar Racing. The track, known as the "Tricky Triangle", has been working through an upgrade plan over the last few years that's seen improvements ranging from adding SAFER barriers to a repaved track surface. Improvements also came to the garage areas, visitor entrance, fan facilities, camping areas, and there was even a dog park added.

However, one of the biggest improvements came with the decision to shorten Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Races from 500 miles to 400 miles. That simple move made the Cup races at Pocono instantly more popular with fans. Suddenly there was more to races than a five hundred mile contest to see who would run out of gas first. Next, NASCAR introduced the stage racing format. Combined, those two moves brought Pocono to the forefront of the "must" see races for NASCAR ticket buyers as well as fans watching on TV.

Pocono Dishes Up Traditional Eats!

If you're looking for a signature dish whipped up by chefs with a crazy food theme at Pocono Raceway you may have to settle for your choice of American Classics! Why not chomp down on a meaty hot dog topped with just about anything you can think of or a juicy hamburger loaded with your favorite condiments? Yep - Pocono Raceway loves their old school menu with traditional flare according to Ryan Yanoshak of Pocono Raceway.

"We have a very traditional menu," Yanoshak said. "We cover everything from good old fashioned hot dogs to burgers and chicken tenders served up with a side of fries. But, on the other hand - we also have amazing dishes such as London Broil and Sausage Sandwich. We also have newly-renovated and revamped cafeteria in the infield paddock if you are a Pre-Race Pit/Paddock Pass holder."

Visitors can also grab a wide range of other items such as pizza, snacks, with dessert options like ice cream, cotton candy, funnel cakes, and roasted almonds. There are beverage carts located all around the track serving both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Winging It

Just because Pocono Raceway has not jumped on the specialty food item bandwagon yet does not mean they are not planning on doing so. It could happen down the road. But, until they do you might want to visit the track in August for their annual Chicken Wing competition - the official Pennsylvania Wing Fest! The vent takes place Saturday, August 12, 2017 and benefits the Monroe County Meals on Wheels.

"Not only is this a great way for restaurants and fans to have some fun it's a way that we can give back to the local community," Yanoshak said. "Local and regional restaurants and chefs exposure to an large, wing hungry crowd, but we are also offering four prizes in the amount of $1,000.00 each for the four competition categories. People love this festival - who does not like sampling a bunch of chicken wings?"

Wing Competition Categories:

  • Best Buffalo Wing
    Criteria – best tasting original buffalo wing recipe.
    Decided by public vote during the Pocono Raceway’s Pennsylvania Wing Fest by number of Wing Tickets received.
  • Hottest Buffalo Wing
    Criteria – how hot can you make your wing?
    Decided by guest VIP Chef/Judge. Name of guest VIP Chef/Judge to be announced soon.
  • Best Alternative Wing
    Criteria – best alternative wing, outside of original buffalo wing recipe.
    Decided by public vote during Pocono Raceway’s Pennsylvania Wing Fest by number of Wing Tickets received.
  • Guest VIP Chef/Judge Choice
    Criteria – our guest VIP Chef/Judge will decide which win he/she thinks is the best. This wing can fall under any category and will merely picked by the preference of the guest VIP Chef/Judge. Name of guest VIP Chef/Judge to be announced soon.

You can find all of the information HERE.

Cool Things!

There are a ton of things to do when you visit Pocono Raceway. Here's some links to several - both at the track - and one for wine lovers away from the track.

Images courtesy of Pocono Raceway



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