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Ice Cream Sandwich Pie - Kid Friendly

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Ice Cream Sandwich Pie or Cake Anyone? By golly, sometimes you just need some ice cream. And sometimes you need a pie. And sometimes all you have is a box of Ice cream sandwiches and some extra items in the pantry. Don't worry, here is an easy kid friendly recipe that is perfect for combining kid time with kitchen time with little or no fuss.

Now, granted, this is not brain surgery. And it may or may not be something your kids include in their own kitchen recipe stack to use with their kids. But it is easy, and it is fun, and you do get to spend some time in the kitchen with your little ones with out the fear of sharp knives and hot ovens.

The worse thing that could happen is possibly easting too many chocolate chips or whipped cream. Thankfully, I have never reached the point where there were too many chocolate chips.

Now I'm thinking this may actually be a recipe that continues from generation to generation. Or, at least from summer to summer. I hope you enjoy this recipe and making your own memories with your kids in the kitchen.

Ice Cream Sandwich Pie - Kid Friendly

A perfect recipe on a hot day that is kid friendly.
6 - 8 ice cream sandwiches
1 graham cracker or cookie pie shell
Chocolate / Carmel chips
Crushed nuts if no allergies
Whipped cream
Magic hard shell chocolate coating
Let the ice cream sandwiches warm slightly
Break into small pieces in a bowl.
Stir in Chocolate or Carmel chips.
Stir in nuts.
Spoon into pie shell pressing to firm.
Drizzle with hard shell chocolate coating.
Chill to firm.
Serve cold with whipped cream and more chocolate as desired

Feel free to change out any of the toppings.


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