Hey Guys, Kent The deck Chef Whitaker here with your Blue Raider Football Network Tailgate Recipe Tip! Scotcheroos!!

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Looking for something besides the standard Martini? The folks at LEAF Vodka allowed us to sample some of their product and we decided on Five AWESOME LEAF Vodka Drink Recipes that you need to know!

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Craving a Chinese Take Out inspired dish without a ton of MSG, preservatives, fat, and added sugars? Ally may have found the perfect dish for you!

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Are you ready for some robust flavor from some homemade mustard? What if it was made with BEER? Now we're talking!

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 Valentine's Day, Steak, and the flavor of Cocoa! There's something awesome about combining cocoa and a nice steak. My local meat cutter at our neighborhood Bi-Lo pointed out this recipe, and a few others, to me in one of their printed store flyers. I was in looking for a deal on some ribs - leave it to a meat cutter to up-sell me on some nice steaks! So, if you're looking for a different twist on a Valentine's Day grilling session then this might fit the bill!

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Here's all you need for some tasty wings on the grill or in the oven! Perfect for your Super Bowl menu!

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Tonya's Tip! Blueberry Pie - Homemade blueberry pie by Tonya Whitaker. July is my favorite food times of the year in Tennessee. July means we have fresh tomatoes (especially Bradleys!), fresh corn, and fresh blueberries!So that means it is time to bake a family favorite dessert! Blueberry Pie! This recipe is very straightforward, requires only a few ingredients, and is a great pie to make with little one in the kitchen. Of course an adult would handle the oven portion!

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A tasty chicken dish made simple!

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Ice Cream Sandwich Pie or Cake Anyone? By golly, sometimes you just need some ice cream. And sometimes you need a pie. And sometimes all you have is a box of Ice cream sandwiches and some extra items in the pantry. Don't worry, here is an easy kid friendly recipe that is perfect for combining kid time with kitchen time with little or no fuss.

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