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Want to feed your pup a better dog treat that you make yourself? Try out this recipe from the Dog Whisperer himself!

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Bratwursts hot off the grill can be topped and consumed in a variety of ways - and I've yet to find a bad one!

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Much thanks to Shelia Simmons for sharing this great recipe for Coconut Pasta and Shrimp!

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1887 White House “Cold Slaw?” Are you thinking, “Wait, I thought it was called Coleslaw?” I had to include this recipe from the 1887 White House Cookbook for “Cold Slaw.”

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Maple syrup and pork chops are such a beautiful combination of sweet and savory. This recipe combines southern charm cooking with rich maple flavor! 

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My Dry Rub recipe is perfect for just about anything on the grill or smoker! Remember, this is my basic rub recipe.

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Try Some Grilled Pizza - Ally and I love just about anything cooked on the grill, and this goes for pizza as well. Yep, pizza cooked on the grill. Don’t worry. You won’t have to learn to toss dough over your head like those cool guys in high end pizza eateries. But I do think that would be fun to learn, or at least give it a try in four easy steps!

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BBQ Whiskey Honey Wings! Hey, I'm from Tennessee, the home of good Whiskey! This recipe is a version of a barbecue chicken wing with a hint of honey and Tennessee Whiskey. Just combine, baste and bake and baste and repeat. 

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Combine the flavor of Munster Cheese and tasty grilled chicken with a few spices and more for a crowd pleasing dish.

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Here's three awesome recipes that call for more than just toasted almonds on a side salad! There is probably a good chance that if you've cooked for any amount of time that you've incorporated the use of almonds into a couple of your recipes.

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