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Why a Tennessee Barbecue Dog or Smoked Sausage? Because I got tired of hearing about Chicago Dogs, Fenway Franks, and West Virginia Slaw Dogs!

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Sometimes you run across a great recipe from a national retailer that you have to pass along. I was visiting a grocery store when a nice lady handed me a sample of grilled sausage topped with seasoned veggies.

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Are your ready for some Wrecked Tech Tailgate Dogs? Hey Blue Raiders WHAT A GAME against Georgia Tech. Talk about a BIG win. Here's the audio from the pre-game tailgate tip!

Here's the full recipe for your "WRECKED" Tailgate Dogs!!

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It's Bowl Season Again!!

Man, how fast this last year went. Here are a few of my New Years resolutions that pertain to my cooking. One, I'm going to finish this new book on deadline. I'm sure my editor would love that. Two, I am going to do a better job of cooking healthier foods. I don't know if that counts since Ally and I have already started doing that. Three, I will no longer consider Halloween candy corn as a vegetable.

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