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Are You Ready for some Chow?

Hope you enjoy the long and short versions of the book trailers for my soon to be released title from History Publishing Company - Bullets and Bread. Both book trailers are listed below. The book is about the untold story of how the troops and the homefront were fed during World War Two. Bullets and Bread features memories and stories from World War Two veterans about the best and the worst Chow served up during the war.

Bullets and Brea also includes the story of Allied Ration development, how they fed crews at sea, on land and in the air. I've also include a section on famous faces during the war from generals to national leaders and even a few hollywood stars!

You can't have a World War Two culinary history book without including a few recipes for Chow! So I've included 1939-1945 period recipes from military cooking manuals as well as some from magazines and newspapers. Yes, there's a healthy serving of "Mock Meals" including a salmon patty recipe from my grandfather Angus Campbell.

Hope you enjoy the long and short versions of the book trailer for Bullets and Bread. You will be able to Pre-Order the book soon and the release date is Jan 15, 2013.