The Florida Hometown Cookbook! Signed by Author – Kent Whitaker

GET YOUR COPY TODAY! Kent Whitaker captures the flavor of the sunshine state with his fun style of research and interviews! The end result? A cookbook packed with authentic flavors from Florida from real people, real kitchens, real chefs, and producers. Everyone from a grandmother’s kitchen to grilling gurus at tailgates. Backyard cooks, mom and pop restaurants, wine producers and even a Sunshine State Supermodel have kicked in amazing recipes!

Beer-Battered Shark Bites, Key Lime–Chili Shrimp, Caribbean Chicken, Key West Banana Pancakes, Lemon Crumb Squares, Sunshine Sweet Potatoes, Orange Cream Cake, Zucchini & Corn Casserole, Buffalo Shrimp to Guava Cobbler, there’s something for everyone to love. Beef, pork, poultry, sweets, veggies and of course SEAFOOD!

Kent and co-author Sheila Simmons offer up this full color, recipe packed cookbook, full of additional tasty information such as a Florida Food related Festival directory Also in the series: Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama!

Tired of Boring and Bland Turkey Burgers? Light Up Your Taste Buds with these Turkey Burger Tips and Amazing Recipes from Kent!


Try some of the best recipes from Kent Whitaker aka "The Deck Chef" You find easy recipes packed with flavor for grills and smokers of all sizes.

THE CHOW LINE aka "SOS" aka "S##T on a Shingle"

Recipes from the Chow Line! Military dishes from current Military Chefs, EMS Cooks, Fire Station Foodies and Historical Military Cookbooks.


Foodie news, stories, recipes, and more from the world of sports. NASCAR, MLB, NFL and College foodie news with some pro fishing tossed in.


Dive in for seafood dishes, beach vacation tips and more courtesy of the Little Gulf Coast Seafood Cookbook by Kent Whitaker.


"Still salivating...this book should be come with a read and drool warning! Extremely well put-together, beautiful photos and just one or two recipes per page. Delicious recipes that are not too technical for simpler minds like mine!"
Verified Kent Whitaker Cookbook Review
By Yankeelin
“This is one of my favorite cookbooks! I have all the hometown cookbooks in the series, thusfar and i am thrilled with all of them! good job!"
Verified Kent Whitaker Cookbook Review
By Paula E. Parker

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Three of the easiest recipes you can find for your RACEDAY tailgate or Grilling Session! Wings, Sliders and Something on a stick! Packed with flavor

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