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Buffalo Wild Wings Seasonings and Sauces

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buffwildwingslowSometimes you want to watch the game, or games, on big screen TV’s. You also want someone else to handle making the wings and bringing cold beverages to the table. We tested the Buffalo Wild Wing sauces with our son Macee. Let’s just say that he, his Army buddies and college friends are well versed in items on the BWW menu.

Our family grilling buddy Big Mo is also a huge fan of Buffalo Wild Wing Suaces. You'll notice in the background of the picture!!

The test included baked and grilled chicken wings, drummies and a few thighs. Each was tossed with a bit of olive oil and the bottled spices acted as a rub and seasoning. Halfway through the cooking process some of the wings were basted with a light coating of varied sauces.

cookedchickenwingslowThe picture of the wings seasoned and while cooking are from the oven batch due to a rather large lightning storm. We just did not feel like grilling at the time. However, both batches did turn out very good. So no finished picture of the grilled wings.

The remaining sauces were tested as dipping sauces. The bottom line, the testers loved the home versions of Buffalo Wild Wings from the grill and the oven. There were a few favorites including the Chipotle BBQ Spice, The Mild Sauce, The Honey BBQ Sauce and The Parmesan Garlic sauce. We were pretty impressed by the flavors offered up by home versions of BWW sauces.

A solid thumbs up from the testers.

Info: Buffalo Wild Wing Sauces and Spices  www.buffalowildwings.com

Kent Whitaker is a semi-celebrated cook, author, award-winning culinary writer, husband, father, and harmonica player. 


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