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Susi Q's Seasoning and Red Oak Chips

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Susi Q's Seasoning & Red Oak Chips.

Here is some flavor! Susi Q's Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning & Red Oak Chips. We tried two items from Susi Q's Brand Artisan Food. They were the Susi Q's Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning and the Susi Q's Santa Maria Valley Style Red Oak Chips.

Susan M. Righetti, the founder of the company, told me she started in 1981 as a family business with the idea of combining local California flavors, barbecue traditions that go back to early ranchers with her family recipes.

"Our recipes are from old family recipes and my parent's restaurant, The Far Western Tavern."

Susan adds that "Red Oak is the classic fuel of Santa Maria style barbecue" and that fan's say it (seasoning) goes with everything. "We took Susan's advice and used the seasoning on "everything." We started with a pork chop and a steak then moved to a grouper filet, fresh rolls, veggies and even sprinkled some over spaghetti.

The blend of spices including salt, black pepper, California garlic and parsley made for a nice flavor enhancer. The taste was not to overpowering, too deep or too spicy.

We used the Red Oak chips in a chip box on the gas grill as well as a handful tossed onto a small charcoal grill. The flavor added to the meat from both grills, while not as deep as people are accustomed with hickory, was mellow and tasty.

Both products were given thumbs up by testers.

Info: Susi Q's Brand Artesian Food-805-937-2402 ● www.SusieQBrand.com.

Photos and story by Kent & Ally Whitaker
(Note: Articles originally appeared in the December, 2011 Issue of the National Barbecue News.)

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