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Red Dog / Blue Dog offers Canine Political Laughs

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I’ve been told that dog owners and their dogs will take on a likeness of each other as time goes by. A new book points out that man’s best friend may also soak up political leanings as well as humor from their masters. Or, the new book is simply a fun read and humorous creation of dog lover, politics junkie and author Chuck Sambuchino.

Red Dog / Blue Dog is the new book by Chuck Sambuchino, author of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. In his new work Sambuchino combines three things Americans love; politics, goofy pictures of man’s best friend and funny captions.

First Pets living at the White House have been featured in videos, Christmas cards, family portraits and news stories. Why not a book about pups and politics? I know that our family dogs are interested in politics. My Golden Retriever Big Mo sat with me on the couch and watched hours of MSNBC and FOX News soaking up slanted political information. I also think I saw Lucy, my wife Ally’s Shiatsu, with a Romney / Ryan button.

Furry Political Humor

Sambuchino takes full advantage of the furry side of politics as he combines 140 funny full color photos of dogs with captions that poke fun at the both major political parties. One picture has the caption “Blue Dog loves his new e-reader because he can get all his liberal media in one place.” Another picture sports the caption from a Red Dog (guard dog) citing the fact that he “finally got that border fence built!”

Sambuchino successfully pokes fun of both sides of the congressional floor in Red Dog / Blue Dog.

“The book is 100% humor -- made to make people laugh,” Sambuchino said. “It has no hidden political messages or anything like that. We crack jokes about liberals and conservatives. It's levity in an intense political time.”

The idea for the book is one that Sambuchino fully credits to his wife. “I love dogs. I love politics. My wife came up with the idea to put the two together,” Sambuchino said. “The result is a humorous photo collection of dogs doing stereotypical liberal and conservative things. It makes a great gift for lovers of dogs or political junkies.”

Red Dog / Blue Dog offers more than just funny captions. The pictures of the dogs speak… “Bark” volumes! It’s something Sambuchino is aware of when it comes to sales and marketing. “Photos of fun and adorable dogs always help any book,” Sambuchino said. “I've found that people buy the book as a gift -- sometimes for people who agree with their social leanings but oftentimes for those who are on the opposite side of the political spectrum.”

Social Media Plays a Role

It’s also interesting to note how the process of making the book echoed the role social media played during the campaign. Social media was used to help deliver both campaigns messaging while promoting a call to action. Sambuchino utilized the same social media avenues while he searched for pictures of to use in his book.

“I can tell you for an absolute fact that the book would not exist without the power of social media,” Sambuchino said. “I put out massive calls through Twitter, Face book and Flickr in an effort to roundup photos. In the end, we had approximately 1500 photos to choose from in picking the final 140 that appeared in the book. Many people allowed me to use their photos of their canine family members, and I am extremely grateful.”

The book Red Dog / Blue Dog by Chuck Sambuchino is a light hearted funny read. It will make a great addition to your coffee table collection or as a gift to a political friend or foe. In fact Red Dog Blue Dog could serve as a humor based Therapy Dog Gift Book to help heal any post election rifts that you may have with a person on the other side of the political aisle. In addition a portion of the proceeds go to no kill-shelters and rescue organizations.

More Information

Red Dog / Blue Dog by Chuck Sambuchino
Hardcover 144 pages
Running Press – 2012

CHUCK SAMBUCHINO's latest humor book is RED DOG / BLUE DOG: WHEN POOCHES GET POLITICAL, a gift book for lovers of dogs or politics or both. When he's not writing humor books, Chuck edits for Writer's Digest Books, runs freelance editing services for writers, and maintains a list of writers conferences on his website. He loves helping writers and making new friends.

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