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The Top Five "Other" Sausages for Grilling

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The Top Five "Other" Sausages for Grilling www.newmilano.com

Summer is here and that means the grills are getting fired up! Here's the TDC Top Five "other" Sausages for Summer Grilling!

Hey, we all love a great hot dog or bratwurst - that's a given. But it's time to expand your grilling taste-buds a bit and step away from the norm. Granted - you may have to visit a specialty deli or better stocked grocery store to find a few of these - but it's worth the search! Here are the Deck Chef Top five summer grilling sausages that you may have passed over on the way to the weenie section!

A crowd favorite with Argentine and Spanish roots! The Chorizo is link that you can whip up several ways and tossing a few over hot charcoal is sure to be a winner with your grilling guests! You can choose from a slightly spicy version to an "GOOD HEAVENS HAND ME A BEER" version! Grill slowley and allow some of the excess grease to drip off but don't over cook them so that they turn into leather in a casing! Serve hot on a bun, deli roll, or even a toasted flour tortilla! They are also awesome with roated potatoes served up on the side!
Photo: Tnarik Innael/Flickr

Let's turn our attention to this flavor packed sausage and thank those Greek foodies for coming up with it! Loukaniko is a Greek sausage that is most often smoked and loaded with spices echoing Mediterranean flavors. Here's a few: fennel seed, thyme, coriander, or zesty orange peel. Slice some red onions, lightly toasted, toss some tomatoes in the oven and roast those! Sprinkle with garlic and drizzle with olive oil! Or, toss all of that onto some fresh bread, or serve with a nice Greek style sauce, maybe stuffed into a pita bread, or over lightly roasted veggies?
Photo: JazzGuy/Flickr

Stop by your local Asian style specialty grocery for this treat! The Sai krok isan, also called  Thai street sausage, is a fermented sausage that's also smoked and filled with spices. It's a real combination of flavors battling in your mouth! Grill some up and serve with just about any Asian style sauce, or hot sauce, you can think of. You can use sweet sauces such as Teriyaki and Duck sauce or splash some spicy Asian style mustard, peanut sauce, and especially Hosin for a serious link with Thai Street Food Cred!
Photo: Ron Dollete/Flickr

Head over to the upper regions of North Africa and several stops in the middle east for a sampling or Merquez sausage! It's normally a lamb based packed with spices that you can off-set grill to perfection. Serve your buddies up a batch fresh from the grill on some flat bread, some sliced onions and peppers, covered in a creamy style yogurt sauce. You can also pack everything into a Pita and toss in some additional toppings of your choice. Adding a splach of spicy mustard will punch your ticket for some bonus miles on this flavor train!
Photo: RenĂ© Gademann/Flickr

Ok, we slid a semi regular variety of sausage onto the Top Five list because the Knockwurst is often shuffled to the back of the foodie conversation when its cousin the Bratwurst shows up! Enough is enough! Toss some Knockwurst on the grill and let the haters fall to the wayside! The knockwurst combines spices, garlic, veal and pork for a very easy to find sausage selection. Just like the "brats" that always show up for tailgate sessions the Knockwurst also can be served up in a similar manner! Bring on the sourkraut, the grilled onions, and some serious mustard. If you're bold - make up a batch of horseradish infused beer cheese for a drizzle!
Photo: Kent Whitaker

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