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Grilling Hacks

Bratwursts hot off the grill can be topped and consumed in a variety of ways…
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Yep - you read right! You can make some amazing cookies with black beans!
This Grilling Hack is perfect for the next time you toss some shrimp on the grill!
Orange juice is not just for breakfast! Why not add the flavor of citrus to your collection of easy TDC Grilling Hacks!
Who said ketchup had to be plain? It's time to add some bonus flavor with these three ketchup hacks!
Yes! You can make mustard at home! How freaking awesome is that?
I love sharing a good grilling hack - especially when it involves a cool product and pizza! People are terrified of grilling pizza dough!
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Let's Get Ready to Tailgate! - I spent a few fun hours last week taping…