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Three Beach Drinks You Need to Know!

Here are Three Classic Beach Drinks that you need to know how to make… and here’s why.

Walk with me – You’re heading to the beach with a group of friends and you want to be able to do something besides pop open a beer or buy expensive watered down drinks from the bar for somebody you meet. Your buddy grabs a cold beer from the community cooler – the one with the dirty ice and floating debris. Yep, it’s time to impress your beach date with your behind the wet-bar skills. Here are 3 Beach Themed Recipes for you so that you can get your inner mixologist vibe going. Oh, before we go any further… popping open a beer… is fine…but do it with some style.

Drink One! The Legendary Rum Runner

According to the Florida Keys Guide the rum runner has it’s 1950’s roots in an over stocked bar with new inventory on the way. As legend goes the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar in Islamorada, Florida had an excess of assorted beverages and mixers on hand an a load of brand new stock was on the way. The result? Toss together a whole bunch of stuff until it tastes good and then give it a kick ass name. Here’s to drink number one!

Two cups ice
1 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
1 oz blackberry liqueur
1 oz banana liqueur
1 oz light rum
1 oz dark rum or aged rum
Splash grenadine
Optional: one ounce of Bacardi 151 to float on top
Orange slice (optional)
Directions: To make by the gallon use 24oz of each ingredient. Fill your blender with the ice, Add all of the liquid ingredients, Blend the contents until smooth, Pour into a Hurricane glass and garnish with an orange slice, Add the 151 floater! Hint: A Hurricane glass is that neat curvy one that you pay extra for at beach restaurants with their logo stamped on it. Hint Two: It’s the glass with shapely hips!

Drink Two – The Bahama Mama

We’ve heard all kinds of stories about where the Bahama Mama recipe came from. One included a couple of Navy guys, some coffee, alcohol and having to explain how an Island Girl ended up on the base. What we do know about this drink is this… we really don’t care where this classic comes from. It’s a nice traditional concoction that beach lovers… love!

1/4 oz coffee liqueur
1/2 oz dark rum
1/2 oz coconut liqueur
1/4 oz 151 proof rum
juice of 1/2 lemons
4 oz pineapple juice
Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker, shake, pour over ice in a Collins Glass. HINT: A Collins glass is that tall glass/tumbler that looks like a skinny Iced Tea glass, about 10 – 14 ounces.

Drink Three – Ice Cream Pina Colada

First, we know that there are bazillions of Pina Colada recipes out there. But, we like this one. Why? Because our son makes them and he does a great job. So we are cheating a bit on this one by using a mix. Guess what, why not make that store bought drink mix better? Plus, this recipe is far above any recipe that just includes a bottled mixer, rum, and crushed ice. The Pina Colada was brought to us by no less than three bartenders in Puerto Rico who all claim it as their own from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Other have the recipe coming from roots mixed with pirate lore. Oh, we’re told that Pina Colada meanst “strained coconut!” The Addition of Ice Cream takes this one over the top!

4-6 large splashes Coconut Rum
Crushed Pineapple
Chopped coconut
1 cup Pina Colada Mix (more if desired)
Ice cubes
1 -2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
Combine all of the ingredients except the ice and the ice cream in a blender. Mix for a second or two. Add in some ice, mix to chop ice, add more ice and chop/mix. You want a half melted slushy look – then add some ice cream! Mix to blend well but not enough to turn the ice cream to milk! Hint: Server in a Hurricane glass – see above!

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